Spotlight: Health & Human Services

ScopeDescriptionValue Delivered
Agile/DevOps Application Modernization
Modernized a portfolio of CMS’ legacy applications onto a Cloud SaaS/PaaS Platform, leveraging Agile Scrum, DevOps, Test-Driven Development, and Human Centered Design.
60% increase in time-to-market efficiency.
Cloud Architecture
Developed a single SaaS application architecture and migrated legacy applications & integration with up and down-stream apps in AWS.
$6M in overall cost savings leveraging a single PaaS.
Cloud Architecture
Migrated legacy apps onto a modernized cloud architecture in AWS from Terremark.
40% reduction in hosting costs, 80% in licensing costs, and 75% in labor costs.

Spotlight: U.S. Courts

ScopeDescriptionValue Delivered
DevOps & Architecture
Successfully championed agency-wide adoption of DevOps by developing a test and deployment architecture for the Case Management System Office.
75% reduction in operational support costs through virtualization and implementation of DevOps oriented automation.

90% reduction in test execution cycles and 4 to 1 reduction of test engineer workload.
Agile Software Development
Following Scrum principles, our team implemented a Scaled Agile Frame (SAFe) for the entire application portfolio.
Unified approach to application development eliminated costly overlaps and delays; faster time-to-market and reduced test execution times from 15 hours to 1.5 hrs.

Spotlight: Department of State

ScopeDescriptionValue Delivered
Database Engineering and Administration
ActioNet designed and maintains the largest replicated Oracle Exadata database instance in the world. It contains 350 TB of data, including PII, growing at ~2TB/year, processes 60M transactions/month, and is used by 270 National Security agencies world-wide, including FBI and DHS.
Successfully migrated over 350 TB of mission critical data ensuring zero data loss while maintaining 100% availability in the process. (24x7 operations).
Database and Systems Engineering and Administration
ActioNet built the first Enterprise Data Warehouse for DoS Diplomatic Security (DS), multiple ETL interfaces, as well as web interfaces for consumption by Agents.
Data consolidation led to improved data accuracy & integrity for 2,000 DS agents world-wide.
Application and Cloud Architecture
In support of U.S. Congress, Secretary of State, and the IC, ActioNet architected and developed an AWS cloud & web-based platform for the easy accessibility of geospatial and analytical dashboards.
Ensures that National Leadership has access to real-time disaster relief information to respond to critical humanitarian crises.

Spotlight: CMS/CMMI


Programs at the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) are models that may only last between 3 and 4 years, yet need full service IT solutions in order to solicit and manage their models.

  • Need to provide quick and easy access to potential stakeholders
  • Need to be agile and efficient in building custom applications

Letters of Intent

Online Application Forms

Project Officer Support Tools

  • Need to reduce investments in temporary CMMI applications


ActioNet leveraged the agility and scalability of the Salesforce cloud platform to produce web-based portals for bi-directional communication between CMMI awardees and stakeholders. ActioNet reduced the traditional 6-8 month IT development cycle to 8-10 weeks, while also conforming to CMS-approved framework and architecture.

Benefits/Value Delivered

  • ü60% increase in time-to-market efficiency
  • ü$6M in overall cost savings leveraging a single PaaS
  • ü40% reduction in hosting costs
  • ü80% in licensing costs
  • ü75% in labor costs